Building a Strong
Foundation for New Ideas

IP rights create opportunity. But to most people, what they achieve is unclear.

The Center for Intellectual Property Understanding (CIPU) is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to increasing awareness of the impact of intellectual property on peoples’ lives.

It tracks attitudes towards patents, trademarks and copyrights, and seeks to dispel misinformation and facilitate good IP behavior. CIPU provides a framework for understanding how IP rights promote competition and create jobs.

Fostering IP Awareness

Ideas are the primary value-driver for business today. Yet the rights that protect inventions, recorded music, books, branded goods and other creative works are regarded by many as obstacles.

The mission of the Center for Intellectual Property Understanding (CIPU)  is help the public, government business to understand how IP rights affect peoples’ lives, and why they need to be taken seriously.


IP Understanding Matters

Some audiences believe that the limited exclusivity awarded to patent and other IP rights holders are too generous, and that they are unreliable.

Others say that patents IP rights can be a game-changer – That they can level the playing field, attract investment, create jobs and give both new businesses and individuals a chance to flourish.

The Center for Intellectual Property Understanding helps to put these and other views into perspective.

Latest News

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