IP “literacy” matters – CIPU promotes IP awareness for all

The video features interviews with business, academic and government leaders who attended the recent Intellectual Property Awareness Summit (IPAS 2017) in Chicago.

It explores the growing interest of governments and businesses in helping to promote innovation and economic growth through effective IP protection.

To watch the video, go here.

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“Erosion of IP Rights Threatens U.S. Competitiveness,” says Economist David Teece at the IP Awareness Summit

IPAS2017 is the first conference devoted to mitigating audiences’ confusion about the role of IP rights in creating value and improving lives

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA, November 8, 2017 — International economist and entrepreneur David Teece said this week that the environment for licensing, essential to future United States prosperity, is slipping away. His remarks were a part of a keynote address on Monday at the Intellectual Property Awareness Summit, IPAS2017, held by the Center for Intellectual Property Understanding (CIPU) at Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology.

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